The Culture List is a mailing list nominally dedicated to the dicussion of the works of Iain (M) Banks, but in practice dedicated to the discussion of whatever we feel like at the time. The volume of this list is high. By high we mean that upward of 50 posts on a weekday is standard and days with up to 300 posts are not unheard of. Weekends are a bit quieter.

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We also have a backup list at Yahoogroups for the posting of attachments and in case our primary server fails. This can be found here.

We don't have any rules as such, but we do ask that members follow a few simple guidelines:

  • When replying, please include those parts of the message you're replying to that allow your point to be understood, but do try and trim the quotes to a reasonable degree - pages of quoted material means you stand a fair chance of not being read.
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  • Please don't send HTML, or various people will threaten to bite your ankles.
  • For files you want to show around, provide an URL instead, or use the Files section of the Elench list - that will accept anything, as long as it's under Yahoo's size limits.
  • Oh - and have fun. :-) That's the most important bit.